Haz las cosas que te propones ni que digas que no puedes’ solo “HAZLO”

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i put up my new default picture for shits and giggles…… woke up with 28 likes..

came back from class with 55 likes oMG

guess im not taking it down lolz

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Justin Nozuka lovers!

What do you guys think of the new album? I have yet to listen to it in its entirety and I must prepare myself since I’m seeing him in two weeks!!!

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Feliç diada de Sant Jordi a tothom!!!!

Best Catalan holiday I’ve ever experienced, for sure!

Men give roses to their significant others while women gift them books! Promote literacy and romance! :-)

(and of course catalan independence!)

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tumblr i feel as if i’m neglecting u.. im out here living tho :-)

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Most and least remembered US states


This map shows which states are the hardest and easiest to remember, according to Sporcle, as of 14 April 2014.

Table here.

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In english, we say “shut the fuck up” but in spanish they say “cierra la boca puta” which translates to shut your bitch mouth and i think thats beautiful

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Terry Richardson for Obama