me when usher and august released those tour dates 

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I enjoy talking to you. Your mind appeals to me.

— George Orwell, 1984  (via tahedron)

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when you and ya bestfriend say something at the exact same time

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lisbon 2014


Today, September 16th, 2014 Marks the 17th Anniversary of Usher’s sophomore album, 'My Way'

Since it’s initial reception, ‘My Way’ has been recognized as a 90s R&B classic and Usher’s breakthrough album after his 1994 debut failed to make a splash on the charts. The lead single, ‘You Make Me Wanna’, peaked at number #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart while it topped the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop Songs chart for 11 weeks which was the longest running #1 single on that chart until 2010. Subsequent singles, ‘Nice & Slow’ and the title track, ‘My Way’, peaked at number #1 and #2 respectively. The album has been certified 6x Platinum in the U.S and has sold over 7 million copies worldwide. 

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attractive strangers make everything better

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when the rays broke through the clouds and illuminated Kailua town I thought I was going to cry


Ahhh I love my home

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Dresden, Germany (by mknipsi)

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me at friends house

friend: so... what do u wanna do
me: idk its ur house
friend: idk ur the guest
me: idk its ur house
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You iPhones 6 think you’re so great, huh?


You iPhones 6 think you’re so great, huh?

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yo this guy on tinder messaged me like ay girl i saw u at the bar last night infact i was like not too far from u

lmfao so awkward but damn couldnt even say wassup doe~

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